february 9, 2017

hey guys, i'm sorry, it's been wayyyy too long.

today's blog is going to be about something very important to my fellow stylists and myself. wether it may be hairstylists, make up artists, nail technicians, aestheticians and massage therapists, etc. i really hope no one takes this the wrong way......... but it needs to be said. this is some real talk, so i will say it for everyone. 

so many times i see and hear, "i don't think i can afford that", "thats not in my budget". 

i get it, i get things are really expensive, i get it completely. 

however, do you go to the doctors, wegmans, kohls, restaurants, & all that jazz and tell them you have a budget? probably not, you might think well if i do these things, i'm only going to spend this much money, or maybe you have a coupon....i sure use them........but you don't go to cash out and say, "oh wow i would like to pay half for what i'm getting, because that isn't in my budget", that just doesn't happen. 

we all took the time out of our lives to get as much training for what we do, as much as we can. i literally will spend hundreds of dollars (just like college students) to get my education and not only so i can be educated, but so i can educate any one that needs my help. and we don't stop learning and paying for that education. i'm taking a class this fall, with a renown stylist, and i can't wait to fill my brain with more and more knowledge.

we all keep up on the trends to make you feel good and look good. 

when someone says, "oh they're just......" "i'm not spending those prices". well, we have the prices we do, because we believe in ourselves that we deserve to. 

we use the top professional products.

we communicate.

we keep our things clean.

we travel at others expenses. 

we build relationships, real relationships.

we listen.

we teach.

we try very hard to make people feel amazing.

me personally, i have been in the industry now for 11 years. i am not perfect, i will never be. i will always need to learn more, i will always need to keep training myself. but i do those things because i love it. i love to see all the shout outs of my girls and guys saying how much they love what i have done. literally makes everything worth it. 


so the next time you want to say, "the prices are too high", think to yourself that it's offending us. it makes us feel like what we are providing for you all is not good enough or not worth anyones time. it offends us that you would rather spend a little less for a little less quality. but hey if thats what your into. so be it.

todays blog wasn't to bash anyone, it was to speak for everyone i know in my industry that has had their feelings hurt. and not just mad, honestly hurt.