june 3, 2016

hey yall, its been a while since i put up a blog! spring time is crazyyyy!!! how is everyone? i just finished responding to everyones emails!!! thank you for all your comments and questions! i love helping you all!! 

today i am going to share a short tip instead of writing a whole blog, something that will honestly help everyone in so many ways....

saving money is key when it comes to buying products. you want to make sure you always get the good stuff right? but its so expensive! i understand. however i have the tricks and if anyone needs product ever at a discounted price, i am your girl. i go to the store about once a week or every other week and i can get you products at a discount price from any store you will go to. imagine getting salon quality products at a %50 discount?!?!? i mean why would you not.  comment below or send me a direct comment!!!

ok, so other than saving money buying products through me, when you do get the good stuff....lets say its a sulfate, parabens, gluten etc free product. these products free of harsh chemicals are hard to get a lather right? wrong. yes, it might take a little extra effort, like just putting the product in your hair then putting a little water on it and bam you have a lather. its very easy. and majority of those products that are free of all that stuff are highly concentrated......which means you do nottttttttt need to use a lot. ladies and men use sparingly i know you can do it!!!!!! 


with that said, take care of your hair. you only get one head of hair! 

take it easy for now followers. questions or comments?? please don't hesitate, i'm here to help!!!