april 16, 2016

spring is in!!! ......or if where i'm from is it really? they say its finally supposed to get in the 70s this weekend, which in my mind thats so warm! haha. anyways, spring hair. i don't think people really seem to think about what that means, but its a refresher from that winter dried out mess on your head!!!

todays blog i'm going to share with you some tricks on how to revive your luscious locks. 

step #1 - use. a. thermal. spray. ---- i cannot stress it enough. it doesn't matter if it is summer, spring, fall, or winter (thats in our kind of hood) but you need to be using one all year!!! my favorite is sebastion's trilliant spray. you must shake it before you use it to mix the product properly, but it smells good and keeps your hair so nice and shiny on top of protecting it!! 

step #2 - use masks, wether you make them at home or buy from the right store. your local grocery store isn't the place i'm sorry to disappoint. go to a local salon and buy some good stuff, or if you know someone in the business in your area ask them to help get you some good product! you may think that the product in the grocery stores are legit because they have the same label and all that, but very untrue. same with amazon. these products could be very old, they could be watered down, they could be a completely different product. its crazy, but true. my favorite masks are all from l'oreal professional <<<< professional is the key word here, because you will not find these in stores. if you need to know where to get this, ask me in my comments page and i will steer you in the right direction.

my other is a home remedy, who doesn't like to make your own stuff?? i know i do. so i will be honest most of my home stuff i have found to make is all from pinterest. and the one i tried after lightning the crap out of my hair was the ultimate hair mask. 

directions - 


1-2 raw eggs (depending on how much protein you want in your hair/the length of your hair)

1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil (depends on the length of your hair) 

1-2 tablespoon of olive oil  (depends on the length of your hair) 


– Warm up the coconut oil for about 15-20 seconds (Allow it too cool for about 1-2 minutes)

– Combine the coconut oil, eggs, and olive oil together (Whisk it all together until it is very smooth)

– Apply the mask everywhere, with a focus on your ends and roots

-After application, apply a bag (grocery bag) on your hair to seal in the mask/create heat

-Leave the mask in your hair for a minimum of one hour

-Wash out with lukewarm to cool water (hot water can potentially cook the raw egg *gross*)

-Shampoo and condition afterwards

-Enjoy your beautiful hair !


step #3 - make sure you're using the right conditioner. a lot of people are using the wrong stuff in their shower. my biggest tip is to switch your products every few days/weeks. i have at least 3 different shampoos and conditioners in my shower!!!

for the girls who wash and go, 'normal' hair if you will. you don't need heavy products in your hair because you aren't styling every day like the rest of us! you can use, moisture, volume, & every day's.

for the girls who have dry hair, make sure you have a moisture shampoo and conditioner. stay away from volume shampoos and conditioners they tend to plump the hair which sometimes will dry it out more. (stick to just the volume products)

for the girls who have damaged hair, moisture moisture moisture. masks, heat protectants because i know you girls are using your irons! lighten your hair a little less if you can! 

now i hope all these tips help!!! any questions? send me a comment!! happy spring people!