march 29, 2016

newest trend!

nothing excites me more than a new trend, especially AWESOME ones that i know will last. not like the feather that was maybe a few months. however, i rocked the feather....and i still think they're pretty cool. just wasn't cool where they got them from. not about killing innocent animals for fashion. but thats just me ;/

anyways, they are called reverse head bands!!!! - they are so trendy, so pretty, and so easy to use!!! i cant wait to get my hands on some!!!

these would be so awesome in hair for a wedding, or just taking it casual. anything that will give you that little extra sparkle, is game in my book. 

ok so, i follow this girl named kristen ess hair on snapchat and instagram, she is god to the hair industry. well at least i think so.  check her out if you have never heard of her/follow her on instagram!

below i have attached a couple pictures with the amazingly beautiful lauren conrad, sporting the new look. other than the fact that she has amazingly beautiful hair, she's publishing her eighth book!!!!! on top of her clothing line at kohls. all her followers on instagram, her own webste and more.  wow. can you say accomplishment. i aspire to be those two girls!!!

enjoy <3