march 14, 2016

18 5-Minute hairdos

well well, i have been a little busy the last couple weeks!! being a mom of an 8 and a half month old, keeps you on your toes, thats for sure!

i have come across this post the other day, which i LOVE so much because its all about simplicity for yourself. this link is all about quick easy ways to wear your hair, especially when you need to just run out the door in a matter of seconds!

a few of my favorites are the roll up and tuck for the back of the hair, you will need a few pins if your hair is super short, but its so classic and so simple!!!! i also love the bow's, come on who doesn't love the bow's. they are so cute and seriously sooooo simple. wether it's a bow on top of your head, or just on the side or back with a little pony. and, who doesn't love a beachy wave???? because that is allll the trend. easiest way to achieve a beach wave is when you curl your hair, leave about 2-4 inches out straight. then when you put your fingers through it (which it drives me when people don't) to loosen the curls, baddabing you have a beach wave. grab a little texture beach salt spray and you've got the summer look. below i will add the link for the 18 5-minute hairdos

if you have any questions on how to achieve looks without watching the tutorials, or don't quite understand something...please please please send me a message on the contact page!!

love you all!