february 9, 2017

hey guys, i'm sorry, it's been wayyyy too long.

today's blog is going to be about something very important to my fellow stylists and myself. wether it may be hairstylists, make up artists, nail technicians, aestheticians and massage therapists, etc. i really hope no one takes this the wrong way......... but it needs to be said. this is some real talk, so i will say it for everyone. 

so many times i see and hear, "i don't think i can afford that", "thats not in my budget". 

i get it, i get things are really expensive, i get it completely. 

however, do you go to the doctors, wegmans, kohls, restaurants, & all that jazz and tell them you have a budget? probably not, you might think well if i do these things, i'm only going to spend this much money, or maybe you have a coupon....i sure use them........but you don't go to cash out and say, "oh wow i would like to pay half for what i'm getting, because that isn't in my budget", that just doesn't happen. 

we all took the time out of our lives to get as much training for what we do, as much as we can. i literally will spend hundreds of dollars (just like college students) to get my education and not only so i can be educated, but so i can educate any one that needs my help. and we don't stop learning and paying for that education. i'm taking a class this fall, with a renown stylist, and i can't wait to fill my brain with more and more knowledge.

we all keep up on the trends to make you feel good and look good. 

when someone says, "oh they're just......" "i'm not spending those prices". well, we have the prices we do, because we believe in ourselves that we deserve to. 

we use the top professional products.

we communicate.

we keep our things clean.

we travel at others expenses. 

we build relationships, real relationships.

we listen.

we teach.

we try very hard to make people feel amazing.

me personally, i have been in the industry now for 11 years. i am not perfect, i will never be. i will always need to learn more, i will always need to keep training myself. but i do those things because i love it. i love to see all the shout outs of my girls and guys saying how much they love what i have done. literally makes everything worth it. 


so the next time you want to say, "the prices are too high", think to yourself that it's offending us. it makes us feel like what we are providing for you all is not good enough or not worth anyones time. it offends us that you would rather spend a little less for a little less quality. but hey if thats what your into. so be it.

todays blog wasn't to bash anyone, it was to speak for everyone i know in my industry that has had their feelings hurt. and not just mad, honestly hurt.



october 13, 2016

ohhh boy oh boy, summer was one busy few months!!! weddings, vacations, barbecues, birthdays the list could go on. i love summer so much, but man is it exhausting. anyone else agree???

now as we are in october, and if you know me....you know its my favorite month!!

however, just because its fall.....does NOT mean you need to go dark. 

check out some of the new colors i've done for my girls for 'Fall'


june 3, 2016

hey yall, its been a while since i put up a blog! spring time is crazyyyy!!! how is everyone? i just finished responding to everyones emails!!! thank you for all your comments and questions! i love helping you all!! 

today i am going to share a short tip instead of writing a whole blog, something that will honestly help everyone in so many ways....

saving money is key when it comes to buying products. you want to make sure you always get the good stuff right? but its so expensive! i understand. however i have the tricks and if anyone needs product ever at a discounted price, i am your girl. i go to the store about once a week or every other week and i can get you products at a discount price from any store you will go to. imagine getting salon quality products at a %50 discount?!?!? i mean why would you not.  comment below or send me a direct comment!!!

ok, so other than saving money buying products through me, when you do get the good stuff....lets say its a sulfate, parabens, gluten etc free product. these products free of harsh chemicals are hard to get a lather right? wrong. yes, it might take a little extra effort, like just putting the product in your hair then putting a little water on it and bam you have a lather. its very easy. and majority of those products that are free of all that stuff are highly concentrated......which means you do nottttttttt need to use a lot. ladies and men use sparingly i know you can do it!!!!!! 


with that said, take care of your hair. you only get one head of hair! 

take it easy for now followers. questions or comments?? please don't hesitate, i'm here to help!!!

april 16, 2016

spring is in!!! ......or if where i'm from is it really? they say its finally supposed to get in the 70s this weekend, which in my mind thats so warm! haha. anyways, spring hair. i don't think people really seem to think about what that means, but its a refresher from that winter dried out mess on your head!!!

todays blog i'm going to share with you some tricks on how to revive your luscious locks. 

step #1 - use. a. thermal. spray. ---- i cannot stress it enough. it doesn't matter if it is summer, spring, fall, or winter (thats in our kind of hood) but you need to be using one all year!!! my favorite is sebastion's trilliant spray. you must shake it before you use it to mix the product properly, but it smells good and keeps your hair so nice and shiny on top of protecting it!! 

step #2 - use masks, wether you make them at home or buy from the right store. your local grocery store isn't the place i'm sorry to disappoint. go to a local salon and buy some good stuff, or if you know someone in the business in your area ask them to help get you some good product! you may think that the product in the grocery stores are legit because they have the same label and all that, but very untrue. same with amazon. these products could be very old, they could be watered down, they could be a completely different product. its crazy, but true. my favorite masks are all from l'oreal professional <<<< professional is the key word here, because you will not find these in stores. if you need to know where to get this, ask me in my comments page and i will steer you in the right direction.

my other is a home remedy, who doesn't like to make your own stuff?? i know i do. so i will be honest most of my home stuff i have found to make is all from pinterest. and the one i tried after lightning the crap out of my hair was the ultimate hair mask. 

directions - 


1-2 raw eggs (depending on how much protein you want in your hair/the length of your hair)

1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil (depends on the length of your hair) 

1-2 tablespoon of olive oil  (depends on the length of your hair) 


– Warm up the coconut oil for about 15-20 seconds (Allow it too cool for about 1-2 minutes)

– Combine the coconut oil, eggs, and olive oil together (Whisk it all together until it is very smooth)

– Apply the mask everywhere, with a focus on your ends and roots

-After application, apply a bag (grocery bag) on your hair to seal in the mask/create heat

-Leave the mask in your hair for a minimum of one hour

-Wash out with lukewarm to cool water (hot water can potentially cook the raw egg *gross*)

-Shampoo and condition afterwards

-Enjoy your beautiful hair !


step #3 - make sure you're using the right conditioner. a lot of people are using the wrong stuff in their shower. my biggest tip is to switch your products every few days/weeks. i have at least 3 different shampoos and conditioners in my shower!!!

for the girls who wash and go, 'normal' hair if you will. you don't need heavy products in your hair because you aren't styling every day like the rest of us! you can use, moisture, volume, & every day's.

for the girls who have dry hair, make sure you have a moisture shampoo and conditioner. stay away from volume shampoos and conditioners they tend to plump the hair which sometimes will dry it out more. (stick to just the volume products)

for the girls who have damaged hair, moisture moisture moisture. masks, heat protectants because i know you girls are using your irons! lighten your hair a little less if you can! 

now i hope all these tips help!!! any questions? send me a comment!! happy spring people!

march 29, 2016

newest trend!

nothing excites me more than a new trend, especially AWESOME ones that i know will last. not like the feather that was maybe a few months. however, i rocked the feather....and i still think they're pretty cool. just wasn't cool where they got them from. not about killing innocent animals for fashion. but thats just me ;/

anyways, they are called reverse head bands!!!! - they are so trendy, so pretty, and so easy to use!!! i cant wait to get my hands on some!!!

these would be so awesome in hair for a wedding, or just taking it casual. anything that will give you that little extra sparkle, is game in my book. 

ok so, i follow this girl named kristen ess hair on snapchat and instagram, she is god to the hair industry. well at least i think so.  check her out if you have never heard of her/follow her on instagram!



below i have attached a couple pictures with the amazingly beautiful lauren conrad, sporting the new look. other than the fact that she has amazingly beautiful hair, she's publishing her eighth book!!!!! on top of her clothing line at kohls. all her followers on instagram, her own webste and more.  wow. can you say accomplishment. i aspire to be those two girls!!!

enjoy <3

march 14, 2016

18 5-Minute hairdos

well well, i have been a little busy the last couple weeks!! being a mom of an 8 and a half month old, keeps you on your toes, thats for sure!

i have come across this post the other day, which i LOVE so much because its all about simplicity for yourself. this link is all about quick easy ways to wear your hair, especially when you need to just run out the door in a matter of seconds!

a few of my favorites are the roll up and tuck for the back of the hair, you will need a few pins if your hair is super short, but its so classic and so simple!!!! i also love the bow's, come on who doesn't love the bow's. they are so cute and seriously sooooo simple. wether it's a bow on top of your head, or just on the side or back with a little pony. and, who doesn't love a beachy wave???? because that is allll the trend. easiest way to achieve a beach wave is when you curl your hair, leave about 2-4 inches out straight. then when you put your fingers through it (which it drives me when people don't) to loosen the curls, baddabing you have a beach wave. grab a little texture beach salt spray and you've got the summer look. below i will add the link for the 18 5-minute hairdos

if you have any questions on how to achieve looks without watching the tutorials, or don't quite understand something...please please please send me a message on the contact page!!

love you all!




february 22, 2016

shout out to guy tang!!!

if you don't know who he is, you should. he is the most fabulous hair stylist. genius if you will. so the video i am going to share today is all about heat. heat on your hair, other than just the typical shampooing with the wrong products... heat you is doing too much to your hair!!!!! tools do have settings for a reason. people with fine thinner hair, you guys do NOTTTTT need to have it on 450 degrees! people with thick coarse hair, you can have your heat higher. 450 degrees is the temperature that pizza shops cook their pizzas at, do you want to heat your hair with an iron that hot???? i don't think so, less is more ladies, less is more. 

watch this video where he explains what heat really does to your hair and color!

february 18, 2016


i just love this look. so much. i would love to add this to my portfolio of looks. anyone who reads this and contacts me first can come in and be my mode!!! ( freeeeeee of charge) i also obviously need long hair to achieve this look. 

i think it would be great as a going out look, a bridesmaid look, or even just going to a wedding look! 

video credit to :